About Varianty

The Varianty Vision

Our vision is to work towards an inclusive society and schools that are open to everyone and that guide students towards global responsibility and respect to others.

We want schools to bring up open, tolerant and active citizens who are able to critically evaluate information and influence what is happening in their surroundings.

The values that drive our work are respect, responsibility, freedom, partnership and a belief in every person’s potential.

We are convinced that every single person matters.


The Varianty Mission

We provide informational and methodological support, educational courses, didactic materials, professional consultation and assistance to schools and teachers in the field of inclusive education, intercultural education and education for global development. We also promote systemic changes in these areas, which should aid the overall education system in being inclusive and able to better react to the challenges of the modern world. The Migration Awareness Programme, which is part of Varianty, provides training for journalists, journalism students and migrants with the hope that local media will provide objective information about foreigners and will aid in breaking down stereotypes.



The Varianty Educational Program of People in Need
Šafaříkova 635/24
120 00 Prague 2 Czech Republic

IČ: 25 75 52 77
DIČ: CZ 25 75 52 77
Tel: +420 226 200 467

Media Coordinator
Nikola Páleníčková
Tel: +420 777 782 061

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