Global Development Education

We want every person to accept responsibility for the world they live in.

Global development education prepares students for life in today's interconnected world. It is essential for them to understand what is going on in their immediate surroundings and what has an influence on their lives. At the same time, they should be able to draw connections between the knowledge and experiences they have in their everyday life and the things happening around the world, and to understand that our actions (e.g. the consumer choices we make, how we travel, what we do with our waste, etc.) can have an effect on people and the environment in other parts of the world; and vice versa, we can feel the effects or see changes caused by events happening in other corners of the globe.

The goal of global development education is to lead young people to accept global responsibility. Through this type of education, students:


What we do

We support teachers’ professional growth in the field of global development education through seminars and individual consultation.

We create and test innovative methodological materials for in-class work with global topics. We support an active, respectful and participatory approach to teaching.

We implement single-topic projects (Teaching globally, Quality or quantity, Active Citizens, Teachers: Agents of change) in cooperation with experts from other countries from the academic sphere and teaching practitioners.

We offer long-term systematic support to schools during the process of integrating global education into their curriculum and everyday life at the school (Global School).

We connect key actors and institutions within the Czech education system and create opportunities for a productive dialogue.

We cooperate with international experts and organizations by exchanging good practices and bringing them to the Czech education system. We work with the following institutions:

We also exchange good practices with Czech organizations working in the field of global development and public education. We are a member of a working group called Global Development Education that is part of the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation. Together with partner organizations working on public education topics, we have founded an informal platform called Let’s connect!.


Our values and goals


How we work

A class full of students, just as a group of teachers or a team of professors, are all groups of diverse personalities. Thanks to this diversity, we are able to more easily develop certain skills and use various approaches to teaching and accept new information. In our work we rely on the conviction that each one of us has our unique life experiences and abilities and that different methods and approaches to teaching and are suited for different people. We think it is important to respect this diversity in teaching and during preparation of educational materials.

We choose approaches to teaching that support active student participation, inspire students’ curiosity, the desire to ask questions and look at topics from different perspectives. For this reason, critical thinking and critical literacy are the basis for the teaching seminars and materials we provide.

One of the concepts we work with is Philosophy for children. It is a teaching technique that allows teachers to lead a conversation with young people through which they look for answers to questions that are interesting and attractive for youngsters. It allows the students and the teachers to come in contact with different ideas and opinions and offers a way to explore different problems and topics of today’s world.

Teachers who integrate current global topics into their classwork not only expand their students’ knowledge, but, above all, shape their system of values, attitudes and eventually their behaviour. This is why we also come up with activities that stimulate discussion among students and at the same time ascertain their attitudes about different topics, which then teachers attempt to influence with their work.           


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