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The Varianty Educational Programme is launched with the Be Kind to Your Local Nazi media campaign. The programme then begins to implement the principles of intercultural education in all levels of the Czech education system. The main motivation for founding the Varianty Educational Programme was to improve relations between minorities and the rest of Czech society.


As part of a project financed by the European EQUAL initiative, Varianty begins providing training in the principles of intercultural education to teachers in primary and secondary schools, university professors, employees of the Czech School Inspectorate, pedagogical centres, children’s homes and job centres as well as to social workers and community education coordinators.


Varianty publishes a handbook entitled Společný svět (A common world), which is the first didactic publication in the Czech Republic focusing on the introduction of global development topics into classwork. It serves as a manual primarily for teachers of secondary schools and future pedagogue.


Varianty joins efforts to create on-going reforms to the Czech education system, which includes the introduction of interdisciplinary topics into the education programmes and classwork in schools. Multicultural education and Teaching to think within the European and global context become interdisciplinary topics within the Czech education system.

The programme joins a large project called Polis taking place in the cities of Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem and Bílina, which works on improving the chances of disadvantaged persons (residents of marginalized localities, Roma, foreigners) to obtain adequate education, decent accommodation and the possibility to succeed on the job market.

Together with organizations from six other countries (Austria, the UK, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Thailand) Varianty implements the international programme Global School, which supports teachers of primary and secondary schools in teaching about current global topics. Schools where global topics are part of the curriculum and where students try to solve local problems with global implications can receive the Global School certification. Today, 45 Czech schools have this certification along with nearly 200 other schools around Europe.


With the Free2choose project, Varianty uses short video clips to introduce current social issues to young people, encouraging them to critically contemplate the limits of freedom and the meaning of human rights.

Varianty reacts to growing xenophobia and nationalism in the Czech Republic and Europe by starting a project called Can I understand this? An eponymous instructive manual covering various multicultural education topics was published.


The Varianty programme launches the NEOnazi: Do you want him? information campaign, which draws public attention to the dangers of the increasingly active right-wing extremists. It is part of the second phaze of the project Can I understand this?.

Varianty is beginning to focus more of its efforts on supporting the education of children with special educational needs, especially kids from socially excluded localities, in schools with mainstream educational programmes. The programme also focuses on developing inclusive schools.

Inspired by international trends, Varianty introduces the concept of a personalised approach in intercultural education.


Varianty Educational Programme initiates the Respect doesn’t hurt project, which focuses on human rights education for secondary school students with the use of engaging tools like animated videos, authentic stories, comics and other interactive methods.

Together with partner organizations, Varianty begins helping schools effectively teach interdisciplinary topics and, at the same time, develop students’ interest in reading.


Varianty announces the first annual comic strip competition for primary and secondary school students called Bohouš and Dáša change the world. Join in! The students express their opinions about current global affairs through the comics they create.

For the occasion of the programme’s 10-year anniversary, Varianty is working hard to define what a good school in the 21st century should look like.


In cooperation with the British Council, Varianty Educational Programme joins the Active Citizens programme, which helps schools develop as centres of community life and supports students in their efforts to solve problems in their surroundings.

The Migration Awareness Programme becomes part of Varianty. The programme’s goal is to inform the public about migration topics through the media and attempt to break down stereotypes about foreigners living in the Czech Republic. The Migration Awareness Programme works with journalists, provides media trainings for foreigners and organizes public events.


Varianty becomes a partner of Palacký University in Olomouc. Together they work on systemic support for inclusive education in the Czech Republic.

The programme begins to also work on preschool education, particularly on supporting kindergarten teachers. At the same time it adapts a role-playing teaching methodology called Persona Dolls  to the Czech context.

Varianty is increasingly more interested in how to help teachers ensure a change in attitudes and values of their students in regards to global development topics. The programme begins preparing measuring activities together with their British and Slovak colleagues.

Through an exchange of good practices with international partners, Varianty wants to improve the preparation of future teachers by intensifying cooperation with university professors.


Communication between schools and families is much more often becoming a topic of interest in public debate and is also a topic which Varianty is focusing on and considers it to be one of the pillars of inclusive education, essential for the development of the role of the school in communities. 


Together with Palacký University, Varianty Educational Programme publishes a Catalogue of supporting measures for students with special educational need, Methodology for the work of teacher’s assistant and Work standards for teacher’s assistants.


From 2006 to 2016, the Varianty Educational Programme trained 8,138 teachers of primary and secondary schools and universities, 4,870 students from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and 1,505 university students.


The Varianty Educational Programme is a member of Permanent conference of educational associations, Czech forum for development cooperation, Czech professional organization for inclusive education, a platform of organizations dedicated to education toward active citizenship called Let’s get together! and the Success for every student initiative. The Migration Awareness Programme is a member of the Consortium of Migrants Assisting Organizations in the Czech Republic.


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