Migration Awareness Programme

We want every migrant to be seen as an individual with a unique life story

Currently, there are more then 400,000 migrants living in the Czech Republic, which means that approximately every 25th person in this country is a foreigner. Yet, we still often see stereotypical images of migrants in Czech media – we often hear that foreigners are taking our jobs, or are undeservingly taking advantage of the social benefits system, that crime is on the rise because of them, and that they do not want to integrate into Czech society. Czech media outlets also usually give little room for foreigners to tell their own story or express their views.

What we do

The informational and media-oriented Migration awareness programme has focused on topics of migration and lives of foreigners in the Czech Republic since 2002 as part of the organization People in Need. Since 2012, it has been integrated into the Varianty educational programme.


Our goals

The main goals of the programme are to provide the public with objective information about migration in the Czech Republic through the media and other information sources, to challenge old-fashioned stereotypes about foreigners, and to help improve the cohabitation of immigrants with the rest of Czech society.


How we work

We cooperate with journalists in order to broaden the scope and improve the quality of reporting about migration and foreigners living in the Czech Republic, with the aim of improving information provided to the general public and public servants about the problems migrants face in this country, which makes it harder for them to integrate. We put out press releases on currently relevant topics connected to migration, organize roundtable discussions and meetings with journalists. We develop long-term relationships with journalist, serving them as a reliable source of information about migration and migrants.

It is also important to give a voice to the migrants themselves and help them express their opinions in the media. This is why we also work directly with migrants, helping them to communicate with the media and, subsequently, with the public. The goal is to make the Czech public better acquainted with migrants living in this country and to encourage migrants to contribute to the creation of the media image of migration and to join in public debate.

We strive to achieve all of these goals through a variety of tools and activities. We…


You can find more information about our projects on our website: http://migration4media.net/?lang=en


The Varianty Educational Program of People in Need
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Media Coordinator
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